Things are happening in the darkness


All the Gods, the Monsters, the Heroes and the Villains left this world triumphant that they had beaten the darkness back. The stories had changed, the enchanted world looked different but everything was as it should be. As new friends went off on new adventures and old friends bid farewell to each other, the realms settled in to a new state or order.

Or so they believed.

But what happens when you leave unfinished business behind? What happens when you give non-magical creatures a taste of magic? What happens when you let the bad guys go?

Join us once again to find out.


Happily ever after is a medium combat high intrigue, politics and logic game. It is aimed at about medium fantasy, fantasy creatures in a mundane world, and will be a safe space with some adult themes.

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Event Information

  • 22nd – 24th February 2019
  • Smallwood Manor Prep
  • Ticket Price (including food) – £90 (20 deposit)

Important Dates:

  • Deposit Deadline: 7th May 2018
  • Full payment deadline 30th November 2018
  • Event: 22nd – 24th February 2019
Panel 1

Event 2 details


Once upon a time…

In a land that, really, was just next door there lived some enchanted creatures. They were creatures of stories, of myths and of legends. They lived their lives in eternal cycles with their tales interweaving and breaking apart as the next part of the complex dance of stories continued on. Sometimes something would creep up on them, a strange darkness, but it was fought back until the stories were stronger and the world continued to turn.

The first time this happened, the Monster came through. And settled, grumpily in the north of the UK. The second time there were some others, the wookie witch and friends all settled into various parts of the country. The third time… well no one wants to talk about the third time. It was a time of confusion and fire, its history lost to the world. The fourth time…

The fourth time was different. The Wizard of Oz gathered everyone together and formulated a plan. They fled through the magic mirror into the real world. The UK government having very little time to pull things together created the articles of settling, article four. This was a complex legal document that stripped most of the enchanted creatures of their rights, told them where they would live, what work they would do, and how they would live. People chafed under it, knowing they would get their say at the annual conference in February. Some escaped their lives to try and make something new for themselves. Most were found and taken to the conference, not everyone was.

At the conference things went a little strange. What should have been a series of talks and panel sessions turned into quests between the enchanted realm and the real world. People seeking items from their stories to give them some more power, to reconnect things back together. The darkness tried to get into people, starting to corrupt them from within, for the most part they were saved with people telling their stories. Some people rewrote their stories, finding love and other directions they can go in. A ritual was put together, something to reset the cycle and let them get back to the lives they had. But there was always the issue that the darkness would come back again one day. It was because of this that memories were sacrificed, leaving one of the tale tellers without words as they were flung into the future to help the next time around.

Sunday morning we have three stories being told. The first is those that left. The ritual was cast and goodbyes were said. Some people slid back into their stories where they left off, carrying on the dance for another time. Some went to another place, forming new stories and new ideas. The second story is those that stayed. They did not want to go back to the enchanted realms. Perhaps they saw a way to live happily ever after in the real world, perhaps they saw a way to manipulate it. They set up companies, got involved in politics and lived a different kind of life. The third took matters into their own hands, triggering the end of the world, calling it Ragnarok, letting the world burn around them. They have not been heard of since then. No one is sure what happened next.


Once upon a time…

In a land which, when you look at it closely, is really just this one, time carried on. Twenty years passed in the real world. Things were never quite the same after the enchanted creatures left. The problem with letting people know that magic really might work is that it makes people believe in it. As more people believe the stronger it gets. Leaps and bounds in technology have happened, but most of the time it has been kept underground. Sometimes quite literally. New theories have been published, laughed out, and then proven to work as magic can be used to power things that would not have been possible before. Those that stayed have seen this going on and have guided it towards what they want, or shunned it entirely. But the world has changed.

The Civil Service has been wound down to just a few people and much less paperwork. They still invite everyone to get together once a year for dinner and a dance in Conwy, but the numbers have been dwindling. Penelope left the civil service after a loud and protracted disagreement with her superiors. She threatened that they would regret this. No one has seen her in years.

About five years ago the numbers of enchanted creatures still responding and coming to the annual conference started to drop dramatically. People who were living next door had disappeared without saying a word. Sometimes there were signs of struggles, but often they were just… gone. This year when the conference was due to happen no one could get to Conwy. It was like every single road was blocked or redirected. Eventually everyone just gave up. A week later Nessa Rose called everyone together to meet in a new place, an old school as was in the north (ish) bit of the country.


Once upon a time…

In the present and the future you are getting together. Either you have decided to attend Nessa’s get together invitation, or you have received the plea for help in the enchanted realms. Friday night will involve some of the people trying to break into the real world if you don’t have a nice easy route. Saturday everything will be lovely and there will be tea and cake. Saturday evening there will, of course, be a ball…




Smallwood Manor Prep

Uttoxeter ST14 8NS

OC timeline for Happily Ever After 2

Opening Bookings 2nd April 2018

Closing Bookings 16th April 2018

Notifying people of places: 23rd April 2018

Deposit Deadline: 7th May 2018

Full payment deadline 30th November 2018

Event: 22nd – 24th February 2019


£90 catered (including £20 deposit)


Booking policy

Player places on this event are currently limited with the potential for this being extended. Your place on the event is confirmed when you receive an email from us accepting your booking and we’ve received your deposit.

More generally, we reserve the right to refuse to accept a booking from anyone for any reason. In these cases, we will of course provide a full refund if you have already transferred money. Once we have accepted your booking then your attendance is confirmed. If you wish to cancel your booking, please see our cancellation policy (above).

Cancellation policy

If you make a cancellation before November 2018 you will received full repayment (minus deposit).

If you make a cancellation before January 2019 the event we will refund 50% of your payment (minus deposit).

Cancellations made after January 2019 are not eligible for a refund. We will do everything we can to help you find someone to buy your ticket from you.


Panel 2

Characters & Locations

List of Characters and NPCs currently at HEA2 (not all of them, but a good number)

The Lambton Worm
Toymaker / Gepetto
Ariel (TBC)
Tin Soldier
Wendy / Queen Susan
Badb / The Ravens
Evil Queen – Snow White / Elizabeth Bathory / Vampire
James Moriaty
Mysterious Stranger
The Wicked Lady
eldest of the ‘Twelve Dancing Princesses’
Mordred Pendragon
Dick Turpin
Morgan Le Fey (TBC)
Anna / Mina Murray
Elsa / Lucy Westenra
Jack O Lantern
Cap o Rushes
Queen Bee
John Watson
Dorian Grey
Sherlock Holmes
Peter Pensieve
Puss in Boots
Man in the Moon
Peter Pan
Annalise – Six swans story
Green Man / Herne
Robin Hood
Black Night in Ivanhoe / Questing Knight
Professor Abraham Van Helsing
Lindy / Red Riding Hood
The Morrigan
The Golem
Peg Powler, water hag
The queen of hearts
youngest prince/brother from The Six Swans/Crows
The Catterpiller – Alice in Wonderland
George (and the Dragon)
Davey Jones
Cruella DeVille
Fauna Goodfairy
Prince Ivan Lancelot Charming
Sheriff of Nottingham
Aurora/Sleeping Beauty
Father Christmas
The Wizard of Oz
Crossroads Demon
Muskateer (Athos or Aramis)
Jekyll / Hyde
Porthos / Cordelia’s Prince
Cheshire Cat
Nessa Rose
Finn McCool (Fionn mac Cumhaill)
Edmund Pevensie

A list of all the wonderful characters and their start locations at HEA1


Panel 3


Combat | Magic 

Game Themes

This game will NOT feature any of the following, players trying to add these elements in will be asked to leave

  • Domestic violence/abuse, Child/Sexual abuse, Non consensual sex, Suicide, Self harm, Extreme torture, Cancer, Burning, Rabbits, Maggots, Clowns.

Please read the Code of Conduct for further info 


Player Safety

As game runners we are operating a system of phrases to help players and crew play the game without breaking immersion and still remaining safe and happy.

“I was looking for Prince Charming” – if you took time out of the game for any OC reason. People will not probe the issue IC or OC if you give this response.

“That is not in my story” – you wish for the IC discussion to stop because you are uncomfy OC or believe it breaks the Code of Conduct.

We expect all players to fight safely, and aim for theatrical over who can hit the fastest – because that is frankly boring.

  • Weapons must be checked by a ref/member of crew before time in.
  • It is one hit every second
  • If you do not pull your blows you will be asked to stop playing
  • Bows are not use for combat in HEA2 they can be use for plot and non combat situations.
  • Guns must not fire any projectiles during the event.
  • We encourage look and style over working props for guns

OC and IC

During time in Bedrooms will be OC.  Please do not leave IC things in your room unless you have a skill that allows it.

We will be opening up a room as a break out space for players and crew to chill out and  we will make sure this room is signposted.

Once we have gone time ish we will open up one of the shared spaces as a hard OC area and the other shared space as a time inish area. We will expect you to be quiet around the bedrooms and in the corridors.



People who do not/cannot do physical combat can and are encouraged to go on liniers with more standardly able players. We are about making larp accessible as possible and aim to have no physical limitations to anyone participating.


  • If you have questions about the accessibility of a linear (or any part of the game) talk to a ref.  
  • Non-coms will be highlighted at the start of the event
  • Non-coms can take part in combat if they wish through the use of ranged weapons or spells.
  • Players must not physically engage non-com players in combat, and should use verbal calls/ mime the action instead.
  • For ‘exploratory’ linears we will try to ensure there are appropriate resting places for players on the journey who can not remain standing for long.


Any and all characters can use magic as OC you are all fae entities, whether your character knows you can use magic or not (or if what they do acknowledge the thing they do is magic) is another story. Some characters might class it as science, some as magic and some as just given talent – it is all at its heart fae magic.

Each player has 20  points to spend across potions, rituals, skills, interaction, combat magic and combat.

Skills and spells are interchangeable terms for things characters can do

All skills/spells cost 1point to buy unless stated otherwise, there will be no cost to using spells/skills in game.

Magic refreshes at meal times and on some plot events (if the players poke the game that way) this is called the magic cycle.

Health and Healing

As with HEA1 death doesn’t generally stick, as you are all fae and will return with suitable fairytale reasons after a short time. There are ways to be dead dead (permanently killed) in HEA2 through plot, once you are dead dead you cannot come back as the same character.

  • All players have 5HP as standard.
  • HP is gained through any non combat RP at the rate of 1HP every 10 minutes.
  • There are potions that will restore all HP.
  • There are spells that will regenerate HP.
  • Once on 0HP a character is bleeding out
  • Bleed out lasts for 2 minutes, after this time you are dead and need to find a ref
  • Any character can halt another character from bleeding out with RP effects.
    • This will not restore any HP, but stops the bleed count while the action is being performed
    • This might be telling their story to them to prevent them from dying or simply putting pressure on the wound.
    • This halts the bleed count until appropriate healing is found.
    • Bleed count resumes if the character halting it is under attack or is on 0HP
  • Once on a bleed count a character cannot move themselves but can be carried/dragged.


We as a team do not believe in the ableist bullshit that armour must be heavy metal or leather and restrict your movements. Your ability to wear something heavy OC should have no impact on your ability to be a badass IC

Anyone can increase their HP with Armour, this can be made of anything as long as it look like it protects the wearer and fits with their story (eg. that may be braces of leaves for someone who is linked to woodland, or large areas of fur for a creature that is furry), we encourage players to think more laterally about what armour is to their character.

2 areas of the body covered – 1HP

3 areas of the body covered – 2HP

5 areas of the body covered – 3HP

  • Armour locations are; Head, Upper Arms, Lower Arms, Torso, Legs – each one counts as a single area for armour.
  • More areas can be covered by there is no extra mechanical effect
  • Armour needs to be repaired away from combat using an interaction spell/skill
  • If a shield has been “crushed” it needs to be repaired away from combat using a spell/skill



Panel 4

Code of Conduct

The core rules for Happily Ever After cover our code of conduct. We expect everyone coming to the game to abide by these rules:

NB: IC = In Character, OOC = Out of Character

As game runners we are operating a system of phrases to help players and crew play the game without breaking immersion and still remaining safe and happy.

“I was looking for Prince Charming” – if you took time out of the game for any OC reason. People will not probe the issue IC or OC if you give this response.

“That isnt in my story” – you wish for the IC discussion to stop because you are uncomfy OC or believe it breaks the Code of Conduct.
1. You must be over 18 to play Happily Ever After.
2. Any references to non-consensual sex or sex with minors is not allowed, this includes OOC and after time out as well as IC. This also includes references made in online communication or on any of the Facebook groups/chats/forums.
3.We expect everyone to tread one another with respect and remember the difference between Out of Character and In Character interactions. At no point should someone be made to feel that their OOC beliefs, gender, sexuality or ethnicity is under question or attack. We understand that this is a game about stories and will touch on the ideas of belief, but references to people’s religions should be handled with some tact. This is not a game about the nature of faith or worship. If at any point someone is making you feel uncomfortable you should call “that isnt my story” to stop the actions, or tell one of the ref team. We’d ask that anything likely to cause problems for other people be discussed OOC beforehand and be kept for the game, rather than the IC Facebook group. This includes the discussion about interactions with stories and currently practices belief systems.

Please consider this when posting about things that may cause problems for other people.We also want to reiterate that while some people are playing ‘gods’. They are not gods, they are fae just like the rest of the characters.
4. The game has people of all genders playing characters that appear to be of all genders (in the setting of HEA fae have no gender). We know mistakes are made but once you have been corrected any further miss-gendering will be seen  as a breach of the code of conduct.

Please note none of the following excuses are acceptable: “I was only joking”, “I was in-character”, “I was drunk”, “I’m their mate and they doesn’t mind”. ‘That isnt my story’ can be used if an interaction skill is misused or if you need to leave a room to draw a veil over a situation.
5. Don’t fight while drunk if you are deemed to be unable to fight by a ref then you will not be able to engage in combat.
6. Don’t take illegal substances on the site; they will be confiscated, you will be asked to leave the site and we will call the police.
7. Mostly we’re just asking you not to break Wheaton’s Law or Rule 7 (Don’t be an idiot/take the piss). This means: Don’t break the above rules; don’t cheat; do — if you feel someone is cheating, fighting unsafely or making players OOC uncomfortable, speak to a ref rather than confronting them directly.
8. ‘MAN DOWN’ is the OOC call for a First Aider; hence this should only be used for an Out of Character injury (losing your glasses counts as an OOC injury). If you hear it, please repeat it if necessary, stop ALL combat, drop to one knee or move away from the area if safe to do so and let the First Aiders/refs in to deal with the situation.

9. Drinking is permitted within the game and on the site. We ask that people drink respectfully and within their limit. People that are too intoxicated will be asked to stop playing the game until they are sober.

We encourage any individual who experiences sexual harassment, harassment or prejudice of any kind to report the incident to a ref at the earliest opportunity so we can deal with the situation appropriately. You may report to any of the core crew of Happily Ever After and we will take all complaints seriously, core crew are Rachelle Hunt, Kat McIvor and Paige Gadsby. If you would feel more comfortable talking to a male member of the crew then please speak to Neil Johnson or Liam Dixon.
We are dedicated to making Happily Ever After an inclusive event and we oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.
We will investigate all complaints as thoroughly as possible keeping the complainant as anonymous as we can.
We will be operating on a one warning policy. A warning will be given in writing detailing the complaint, and warning the accused that another report against them will see them banned from all Happily Ever After/Brutal Deluxe games in the future.